At 7am this morning (NZ Time) the queen (Queen Elizabeth II) addressed the British nation and wider Commonwealth / World in regards to the current Covid-19 situation grappling the world.

This is a  fairly rare situation in which the Queen has only made such statements other than her usual Christmas message on now 5 occasions.

The speech was a prerecorded message filmed from Windsor Palace.

The Queen encouraged resolve and unity in these hard times, reflected on her first addressed statement as a teenager with her sister during World War II, She said we would succeed, and we will meet again.

She thanked the front-line health-care workers and all who were doing essential jobs. She thanked, too, those who were staying at home — “thereby helping to protect the vulnerable and sparing many families the pain already felt by those who have lost loved ones.”

“I hope in the years to come everyone will be able to take pride in how they responded to this challenge,” the queen said. “And those who come after us will say that the Britons of this generation were as strong as any. That the attributes of self-discipline, of quiet good-humored resolve and of fellow-feeling still characterize this country.”

Image of the Queen at her birthday celebrations 2018 By Ralph_PH – This file has been extracted from another file: QueenbdayRAH210418-110 (41713184062).jpg, CC BY 2.0, Link

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