The 2020 General Election will be held on Saturday 19 September along with the cannabis and end of life choice referendums.

But with the current covid-19 situation currently wrecking havoc with the world. Will it still go ahead?

At this point in time the answer is yes, but I presume that all depends how this covid-19 situation pans out throughout the world.

One thing is for sure no political party is likely to have a smooth ride to the election day vote. So far Jacinda Ardern has handled the covid-19 situation pretty well. Simon Bridges started off trying to politicize the situation but has soon realized hes better off working towards a common goal rather than attack the government for the sake of attacking the government. We have seen a different side of Simon throughout this, but there has been glimpses of his old self so the question remains how long will he work for a common goal before going rouge again.

Jacinda may find her work unfold if things don’t work out or something happens during the covid-19 situation. But she is being praised around the world for the way she has handled the situation, maybe we should of acted faster but If we were being led by National I dear say we would be likely going down the same track as many other countries such as America, Australia, Italy, Spain and the UK.

I don’t really see any political party being prepared for an election like it normally would, nor do I see any benefiting solely, although the incumbent probably has a good chance of retaining their seat, it can all come undone if things go wrong throughout, so the government will need to be on its toes.

I personally would rather see a better placed time frame so that we can focus on the situation at hand rather than the brownie points with the voters but as time goes on we will surely learn the fate of Election 2o20.

According to the Elections website there are options for the date to be changed but last date would be 21 November 2020 unless there is a 75% majority voting to extend that deadline, Extending the deadline may assist the National Parties chances, depending on how the parties deal with the covid-19 situation.

Could the election date change?

There are three ways the date could be changed.

The Prime Minister is responsible for setting the election date and could choose to change it. The last possible date for an election in 2020 is 21 November.

Parliament could change the law to extend the term of Parliament. This would require a 75% majority.

The Chief Electoral Officer has some emergency powers under the Electoral Act to adjourn election day voting. This could be for an initial period of up to 3 days and then one or more subsequent periods of up to 7 days at a time.

The government is also looking into alternative ways we can vote.

In any case we will keep you updated.

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