Whilst today our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced what Level 3 Lockdown will look like, she also said “If and When we get to Level 3 Lockdown”.

What does that mean? Are we going to be released to Level 3?

Ultimately I don’t have the answer to that question, we will find out on Monday what the situation is, but we need to be cautious here, I don’t just say that we really do.

Opposition Leader Simon Bridges is pushing for Lockdown restrictions to be released, so is David Seymour and Business leaders too, they say we need to get the economy moving again and businesses back up and running, whilst there is some truths to that, we can’t afford to jump the gun and move too early. Doing so will cause more pain in the long run.

We need to be certain that the time is right to come out of lockdown level 4 before we do, we are still getting new cases even after 3 weeks of lock-down which is alarming, in particular the amount of clusters involving Resthomes of late.

Whilst we are in our Level 4 lockdown, there are new cases within the household mainly, but when the lockdown is lowered and more activity and movement is allowed then that risks that spread through the community.

TheĀ  last thing we want, is to have to go back into level 4 lockdown, as much as we might want to stimulate the economy, return to normal etc, we have to be realistic, if we go to early it will be worse on the economy than anything. We are in lockdown already so it makes more sense to take whatever pain we need to now.

Any decisions need to be done right, and not be based on pressure, whilst there is pressure starting to mount from business leaders, opposition leaders, and other politicians, will they accept the responsibility if Covid-19 takes hold again, kills more residents, and cripples the economy more? Simple answer is no way, they will blame the government.

We need to take a step back and look at the mid to long term, what is our best strategy. Whilst it might be painful for many in the current environment, we are better positioned now because of the measures we have taken, I would argue we didn’t act fast enough and it allowed the cases to get in and spread, we went into our lockdown on a day which saw roughly the same amount of new cases as we are seeing today. When you look at the numbers, and the deaths that have happened, we are in a similar position we were in prior to the lockdown except with the borders now ultimately closed completely apart from for returning residents which are forced into government monitored quarantine.

Some are saying our measures are too harsh, compared with countries like Australia, we can’t really compare with Australia at this point, Australia has had twice as many deaths as our total deaths associated with just one cluster, I think anyone who thinks Australia with over 60+ Deaths is better or similar to us are delusional and using this information for there own agenda. Many Australians wish they had the same lockdown measures as we have, and there lockdown measures don’t go far enough.

We are entering some really important times and we need to make sure that the decisions made now are the right ones, I would suggest maybe if the election date was changed then maybe the political aspect may be able to come out of it, as at present the only one really getting any media coverage is our Prime Minister and her Government. This I feel is one of the motivating factors for Opposition Leaders and other MP’s are speaking out, not so much the message, just trying to get their face in the media, especially knowing that given the current situation our Government has handled the situation pretty well.

We are in a position where we could potentially stamp out Covid-19 altogether, but go to early and we end up with more deaths, returning to lockdown, and more pressure on businesses and the economy the blood will be on their hands.

Published By D Blair, Christchurch.

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