Watching the leaders debate tonight I think we have seen the true side of Judith Collins, she seems to say the right things, and knows how to through her weight around. The problem with this is, she thinks she is the only one who matters.

She tried to call out Jacinda Ardern for talking over Jacinda, and said “use Manners” but in the same token she talked over Jacinda much more than the other way, Her actions etc. speak alot stronger than what she says.

I feel Jacinda is more placed in a position of getting on with the job, where Judith Collins appears to be all about show and how she comes across, (anything for airtime I suppose) only thing is she is all over the place with what she is pushing, saying open boarders etc, and now no don’t do it.

Judith Collins want’s to persuade the public she can be trusted, she will do the right thing etc, but you have to remember whilst National was last in government, she was Police Minister, and Justice Minister, an had lost her portfolio because of investigations into her undermining the SFO etc, she was shrouded with controversy.

Whilst I think there have been a few blunders from the Labour Government this time around, I think they have done a fairly good job, relatively stable, and are probably more looking like they are able to lead us through these hard times.

Although there still remains a little bit of drama inside National, The party having gone through 3 leaders in as many months, had the party in tatters, its still not a stable party, mistakes such as the fiscal hole by Paul Goldsmith (At his own admission) does cast some doubt on their suitability as government leaders, although there are signs of it starting to come together.

There has been a few things to come out of the debate, although not major does bring some ew policy out.


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