As we are now only 17 days out from election day 2020, My Predictions for Election 2020 are as follows.

I think Labour will end up having something like 61 or 62 seats by themselves. I also think they will bring the greens in with them.

National will go down as one of the biggest defeats in their history, and Judith Collins will not be the Leader of National come Lunchtime on Sunday 18th October.

I also would of said that David Seymour was likely to be looking for another job come 18th October, but the disarray of the National Party I think has benefited David Seymour, which is kind of ironic considering he is only in Parliament at present because of a deal done by National, Whilst National are certain to loose seats in parliament, I think David Seymour may bring in a few more MP’s this time. I do think the polls show an over inflation for ACT at present.

The greens I think will be there, but will have less MP’s. NZ First a little less certain, I do think some of their voter base may have been siding with David Seymour too, in the polls. If NZ First do come back to parliament, there will be less MP’s around the table.

Billy Te Kahika and Jami Lee Ross Advance NZ, seemed to be gathering momentum, although that seems to have died off, Jami Lee anouncing he was no longer contesting the Botany Seat to focus more on the party. The Party appears to be funded by Billy, but he keeps referring to it as His Party, And NZ Public Party, where those statements are wrong. Billy wants people to think he is Truthful and honest, but he can’t even be get details about his party right, he also wants to protest the lockdowns etc, yet he was one of the first pushing for full level 4 lockdowns. This should ring alarm bells. He has had a fair bit of airtime mainly due to him buying it.

Whatever happens, this election is an important one, and your vote matters and counts, so get out and vote.

As for the referendum I believe the “Yes” will come out on top on both, but not overly convincing I predict high 50% – Low 60%

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