www.2tradeit.co.nz has been launched to provide an alternative and free way to buy and sell online, with an alternative view to Auctions, and some pretty cool features we think you will enjoy what we have to offer.

New Zealand has been dominated for a longtime by the big power house Trademe, many alternatives have come and gone.

Whilst our biggest competitor is Trademe, we do provide a slightly different offering, with a focus on providing a reliable trading platform for the clients, instead of profits is the goal says founder Dylan Blair.

There is likely to be some extra added features to be added in the near future.

Some of our cool features which are available right now include the following:

Make an offer – allow your customers to make an offer
Free to list
Affordable options to promote your listings
Stores, and Featured Store options.
Links to your website, and social media available inside your store
Custom start and end times (Set your auctions to start and finished around your schedule)
Combine Invoices, allows you to combine invoices into one tidy invoice.

Many more options.

Advertising options available to suit businesses looking to increase their brand awareness with good value returns on investment, and real time statistics available.

You can visit the new website at www.2tradeit.co.nz

Media release provided by www.2tradeit.co.nz

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