In the latest Poll results out this week, it has been an up and down week for many.

Obviously some winners and losers out of the latest poll results, however there is a sense of desperation about to be out of a few camps, no more so than from National.

These results of a Downhill spiral, and infact being overtaken as preferred prime minister by Potential Coalition partner David Seymour must be ringing alarm bells for National. David Seymour has been riding pretty high on the dislike of the National leadership of the recent past, and is only gaining in popularity where Judith Collins and the National party are in decline.

National has to face the facts, with Judith Collins as leader they will at best only ever be an opposition party, and if current trends keep up, actually face the ACT Party becoming a larger party than the National Party. This is kind of ironic considering pre covid I suggested that David Seymours days in Parliament may be numbered, Since Covid though, David Seymour has utilized what media time he has fairly well, and shows as one only true variation of how things have panned out, so small businesses and those who are affected by lockdowns for example have been turning to ACT and Seymour, only thing is the majority of this support has actually come from National.

National now face the facts, they face a similar position that Labour was in when Key was in power. National need to build a force and a leadership which is strong and capable. Too many remember the items such as Oravida, Swamp Kauri, and the Fuel Pipeline which was hit for example. To me I was suprised that Collins was the one chosen to be the leader when it was announced, she had portfolios stripped from her when Key was in power for genuine reasons, yet she was handed the reigns of the then second largest political party.

National has to find a way forward to regain the votership lost, or they face no longer being the largest opposition party. The thing is there has been rumours of Simon Bridges taking over the leadership again, whilst he was probably seen as a better leader than Collins, he wasn’t much better. But then who? Who could possibly replace Collins? I suggest this question of who could replace Collins is the only real reason Judith Collins is the leader of National Party, today.

They need to find someone energetic, good sense of charachter, Strong idea of direction, maybe business minded, but both Key and Adern, are great with the camera, so would need to be someone who is good with the media. I am not too sure if there is anyone that fits that description at this point in time, so does National put in a Caretaker leader, leave Collins as leader, or hunt out the next leader now. Simon Bridges may be suitable for a Caretaker Leader, but would still need to be gone again by election time, if National is in a similar position. He probably knows that, and would he want to be in that position?

There has been speculation the Cristopher Luxon, is being primmed to be Leader, I think this will be a big mistake, too much like John Key, and infact being primed like Key. Key left when the initial signs were showing, that he was loosing support, New Zealand doesn’t want another Key styled Government.

National need to find a suitable leader fast, or face the fact that they are loosing support, loosing their party and face a long time on the sidelines.

Maybe National Party President Peter Goofellow has done his dash too, Maybe a new face as the party president may have a refreshing effect on the National Party.

I guess time will tell, but these are not good times for National, and they need to do something and fast, A full new leadership is required in my opinion.

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