Welcome to the My Media site.

This is the first article on our new website. This website has been designed as a Media Outlet for News, Sports, Events and anything else, that is published 100% from the General Public. We have no ties to general media organizations and you are free to post any News Sports or Events that you believe people maybe interested in.

Remember it is important that you don't publish anything that breaks the law in any way. No breaching suppression orders or anything along these lines. As we don't publish the article we merely provide a service for you to publish. Anything that is published that is found to be breaking the law may result in being forwarded to the authorities and dealt with accordingly.

But please don't let that put you off. Think of this site like your letters to the editor section of your local newspaper. Except we don't restrict the Words and you can add text, images, links, and videos. You can even submit an article from another site. As long as you acknowledge where it came from.

Help us help you get the news that matters out to the masses. We don't edit or Write the articles in any way. Any articles written by me personally are my personal articles and not the articles of this website if that makes sense.

First Published by D Blair, Hamilton @12:44am 02/01/2017 Last Updated @12:44am 02/01/2017

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