Back at work? Thinking of giving up the office to work from home?

Since the Statutory Holidays are over and some, unfortunately, are back at work. It raises the question is the Office environment best for some. 

Working from home has benefits for both the individual and the business but can also have some drawbacks. 

Did you know that working from home can in a lot of cases increase productivity? From a business perspective, anything that increases productivity is a good thing. Individuals that work well are positive happy and willing to give their best shots do increase productivity and therefore profit.

An individual working from home is in familiar surroundings, doesn't need to travel in rush hour traffic to and from work, also being close to other family members such as children and partners can also help the Individual being more productive. 

There is, of course, some downfalls too though which possibly need to be thought out. Whilst not overly hard to communicate between office and home, or 2 working from home individuals, it means you can't just walk across the room ask someone for their opinion help or otherwise. This in some cases can also be a positive though too. 

For the individual, a familiar, surrounding surrounded by Family, Friends, and the home luxuries can be a real benefit. But it can also be a distraction. One of the biggest things of working from home for many unless a dedicated 9-5 job is being able to separate the Work and Home life. Often they come together and because your home is also your office it can be hard to shut off. This doesn't always only apply to working from home. Some people working in an office environment may bring work home too.

The save with the commute to work can have financial and other benefits. Stuck in traffic for an hour a day going to and from work is unpaid time and an expense generally on the individual (unless they have a company car).

Sometimes being at home can be distracting especially if you have children running around.

Working from home obviously isn't for everyone and every business but the options are certainly there now with modern technology to pull it off well. Some people or organizations may find they work best with a blend of office work and work from home. For example 3 days in the office 2.5 days at home 1 day off as an example.

I do think most Businesses and Individuals should really consider it, especially when looking for new staff or looking for a new job. For some individuals, it is a deal breaker. 

First posted by D Blair, Hamilton @ 12:04PM 04/01/2017

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