Surplus Government property left to deteriorate and decay

Image is of some derelict buildings at a former school, image taken in 2015 by Author

Many Government properties sitting rotting and left for dead. Whilst National Party Board Member and Nelson / Canterbury chairman Roger Bridge cashes in.

Rodger Bridge, is listed as Director of Daroch Limited, contracted by Government to act as the Real Estate agent for former Government Properties. Bridge is also Deputy Chairman of Quotable Value Limited, of which its core business is the Valuations of New Zealand Property.

Is this a Conflict of Interest? I believe it is although there is nothing that I have found which suggests insider trading. He does however have his hand in all pockets of the disposal of Government Surplus Property. Which in my view is a clear conflict of interest.

Some properties have sat empty, derelict and decaying to the point where many properties (even having heritage covenants) are valued and sold as Bare Land.

It is Darroch's job to locate the former owner, or descendants of the former owner who either gifted, sold, or had stolen the property of which is being disposed.

I have learned however from experience that the process is flawed, and there is no real incentive to locate the former owner. The property is likely to sell one way or another. In fact its better for the government and the Agent if the property goes to market, despite the decaying property.

Roger Bridge is known for his association with many Businesses in Christchurch, Was the man behind the Re-start mall in Christchurch, and has been working with fellow Christchurch Businessman, Alasdair Cassels (known recently for the Tannery Project), on the restoration of the Christchurch Cathedral in Cathedral Square, Christchurch. Bridge also owns a vast array of storage unit businesses.

Whilst the properties are left to rot most vacant, and in a bad state of disrepair Mr Bridge has been inducted into the New Years Honours list 2016 as an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit.

Some former government properties have sat around for a decade and nothing done to them. Just left as vacant decaying properties which are generally breading grounds, for vandalism, and drugs, alcohol, and in some cases fire bugs. Absolutely no regard to any heritage restrictions that may apply to the sites in question.

First published by D Blair, Hamilton @ 11:32PM 05/01/2017

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