Prevention advice after spate of burglaries in Christchurch

To be attributed to Detective Sergeant Damon Wells:

Christchurch Police are urging people to secure their properties and report suspicious activity afollowing a recent spate of burglaries in the Upper Riccarton and Sockburn areas. 

Student flats, in particular, have been targeted for laptops and computers.

Police would like to remind all residents in this area, especially returning students, to ensure high value items are kept out of sight, away from windows and are password protected. 

Landlords should be considering quality locks and ensuring that locks are changed as new occupants move in to ensure there are no keys, or copies of keys held by previous tenants can be used.

Police encourage people to report suspicious behaviour and to get to know your neighbours, as well as joining a neighbourhood watch scheme, even if on a temporary basis.

Christchurch Police also encourage people to join the online neighbourhood watch ‘Gets Ready’ website.  As members you can get notifications about incidents/events and crimes in your street, area, and city by text and email. is external) is external) is external)


Issued by Police Media Centre

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