My Media, Provides an opportunity for your News to be published

My Media NZ, a new website that provides an opportunity for your stories which otherwise may not get out to the public. Whether it is an article on a sports game, an event, a general news item, or anything you feel the public may benefit from reading (Or you want to be able to share with the public) then we provide the opportunity for you to do that.

We don't edit or block any articles in any way. However, it has to be a news story which complies with New Zealand laws.

Think of it as a cross between a Letters to the Editor section in mainstream media, and you being the reporter.

We don't restrict your articles length, nor do we restrict you to just text. Once you submit an article we will reply asking for any images or videos that you may want to add to the article. Images help tell the story and work well on the Home Page as the slider and other such items will show better with an image.

We also redistribute some Police stories which we believe are of public interest. You can even share an article that has been published by another agency, or write something to go with it. If this happens then you must state the original source and anything pulled from that article must be quoted. 

You can Submit an Article Here.

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