Religious groups push message to tourists on buses in Rural NZ

Image is of Tokoroa Bus stop, with the local Urban Connector outside. Source South Waikato District Council Website.

Barry De Lisle, a Tokoroa Resident, has commented on our Facebook page about religious groups trying to push their religion to bus passengers in the middle of Tokoroa. 

Tokoroa is a rural town on the main State Highway between Taupo and Hamilton. 

Tokoroa is a stop over for the bus companies to allow Tourists for a toilet or food stop. 

Tokoroa itself was heading for City status in its prime, when the Kinleith Mill was operating as part of NZ Forest Products and has been declining in population since the free market agenda pushed by Government, in the 80's. It is a town built mainly on Forestry but farming is also a major provider for the town. 

Religion is one of those things which some people believe in others don't and there are so many different religions around now that it isn't right to simply push Religion of one denomination onto the public. If someone wants to follow religion then it's their choice and should be able to make their mind up on their own. 

What are tourists to think when they have a stop over and being harassed by Religous groups whilst trying to refresh themselves ready to continue their journey. 

If this kind of activity is happening in locations such as Tokoroa, where else is it happening? It isn't an overly good look for rural New Zealand. 

What happened to putting up flyers or brochures? At least this way the tourist has the choice to read about it instead of having it forced upon themselves. 

Originally posted by D Blair, Hamilton @ 3:11PM 07/01/2017 based on information provided by B De Lisle, Tokoroa


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