2016 road toll disappointing

The provisional road toll for 2016 is 326, Associate Transport Minister David Bennett says.

“The road toll is not just a number — every figure represents a life needlessly lost and family, friends and communities grieving. Our thoughts are with those that have lost loved ones on our roads over the past year” Mr Bennett says.

Provisional data for 2016 indicates 24 per cent of fatal crashes involved drivers travelling too fast for the conditions. Drugs and alcohol contributed to 40 per cent of fatal crashes, and 39 per cent of drivers and 42 per cent of passengers killed in car crashes were not wearing seatbelts.

"The reasons why more people are killed or injured on our roads one year to the next are complex. But whatever the reason, the road toll remains too high, and the increase over the last three years is disappointing,” Mr Bennett says.

“The Government is committed to making New Zealand roads safer and reducing the number of people injured and killed in crashes.

“We’re continually investing in physical improvements such as median barriers, rumble strips and wide shoulders, as well as in road safety enforcement, advertising, and education campaigns.

“Also, the Ministry of Transport has commissioned research to better understand the factors influencing the road toll.

“Road users also have a responsibility to keep themselves and others safe. It is disappointing that the summer holiday road toll is already higher than the previous year so I encourage people to drive safely, be considerate of other drivers and follow the road rules.”

“We have the whole year ahead of us, so let’s all do what we can to make sure the road toll is far lower than last year.”


I want to know how many of the 24% of fatal crashes involving people going to fast for the conditions are on roads that are expected to have the speed limit raised from 100KM/H to 110KM/H?

Its obvious people aren't getting the message and Drugs / Alcohol, and not wearing seat-belts is a large contributing factor and speed is also up there. How is the increase of speed on some roads going to change things?

These are messages that have been distributed for a while, Slow Down, Don't Drink and Drive, and Always wear your seat-belt. But yet these are high figures in the ever increasing road toll figures.

A lot of people are becoming impatient on the road and there are some erratic drivers out there. But I haven't seen Ronald McDonald telling people to buckle up for a while on TV, Admittedly I don't watch a lot of TV but its messages like that I am used to.

Holiday periods are always chaos on the roads, it is a time I would prefer to avoid being on the road. 

How can we bring these Road Toll figures down? How can we get the message out there and people listen? 

This is a very serious matter and it could happen to anyone. Just because you don't drink and drive doesn't make you immune from being involved in a car accident caused by a drink driver. It's something that is sudden for the families and friends of those left behind, and if the driver lives can change their lives forever. This is some pretty scary times having road tolls this high. 

Just remember you surely aren't dying to get to your destination. 

Article published by D Blair, Hamilton @ 1:44PM 08/01/2016

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