KiwiRail reportedly looking to invest heavily in TransAlpine Service

Image sourced from KiwiRail Website

Radio NZ Reports that KiwiRail is "looking at investing particularly in the TransAlpine Christchurch to Greymouth route."

This has to be seen as good news for the West Coast economy as it has battled decline for the recent while. In particular good for the Greymouth Economy. 

The TransAlpine Christchurch to Greymouth train journey has often been touted as a top 5 scenic rail journey anywhere in the world. This is right on our own doorstep.

Goes from the vast dry Canterbury plains through tunnels to lush bush and forest clad hills of the West Coast. It is a favourite for many in the Summer months, but it is just as spectacular in the Winter aswell with snow at the Arthurs Pass train stop. 

If you haven't been on the TransAlpine it should really be put in your bucket list of things to do. It truly is spectacular. 

An investment in this area would be great for the local tourism industry. What investment is going to happen we will need to wait and see. But any investment has to be seen as a positive. 

Rail travel is often ruled out by many but it is always nice to go on a train journey every now and then and see a scenery not often seen. The laid back atmosphere of a train journey is relatively pleasing. Even outside areas on some services. I would hope this continues on any investment. 

The TransAlpine Route has often been the talk of being likely to be axed or modified so an investment in the service would likely add some security to West Coast tourism based businesses. 

Originally posted by D Blair, Hamilton @ 12:29PM 08/01/2017

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