Gareth Morgan hasn’t learnt from previous elections

Whilst the concept is slightly different, Gareth Morgan, and his "The Opportunities Party" or "TOP" is a political party funded by Gareth Morgan, to push his personal agenda in much the same way that failed bids from Kim Dot Com, and Colin Craig have done in the past. 

Other parties of a similar nature haven't succeeded, so what makes Gareth Morgan think his situation would be any different?

According to The Opportunites Party website Gareth Morgan is pushing for his political party to be registered sooner rather than later.

“I had thought we’d wait until March by when all of our seven policy priorities had been announced and we could assess the level of support before we proceeded with registering”. Dr Morgan says on the Parties website. 

Dr Morgan thought he would be able to buy the new, New Zealand Flag. That failed after a major uproar by Morgan and some of his supporters. I honestly don't see his political party being too much different. Whilst I haven't read all of his policies etc. I wouldn't expect him to get over the threshold, he would need someone to win an electorate. And I aren't too sure of an electorate that would be willing to risk their representation to a radical like Gareth.

I wouldn't want to put anyone off voting him if that is what they are wanting to do. Just not too sure if New Zealand is ready for someone like Gareth Morgan buying his way into politics. Gareth is a very opinionated man on a wide range of subjects. Some are completely outrageous and some are good. Also not sure if New Zealands best interest is having someone like Gareth Morgan buying his way to parliament.

His political parties logo is very similar to the Read Peak flag which failed to gain traction in the flag referendum. It's also a logo of an American Engineering firm. 

Article written by D Blair, Hamilton. Information found on The Opportunities Party Website, where also the image was sourced.


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