Rob Pope, Fails Hope, Smart and Watson Families.

Some of you may have read my earlier article. If not it can be found here 

I am in the process of getting together some questions for the Minister of Corrections, Louise Upston, for her to answer. Once I have her response I will publish the responses.

I also stumbled across on You Tubee or more to the point was made aware of a video of a series of Episodes which first aired on TVNZ's Closeup program back in July 2005. This time frame has been confirmed by Warwick Jenness, who was being interviewed in the Series.

There are several differences of opinion between Police and the Maritime Research Group, who produced the report mentioned in the closeup series. Yet a key statement struck a chord for me, yet over 11 years later nothing seems to have been done about this. I most certainly haven't seen the mainstream media pick-up on this key statement.

In the Video Warwick Jenness, states Rob Pope replied with the following text "They had spent considerable time studying the report, But could find nothing in the the report they did not already know at the time of the trial" It must be noted that this was received by the MRG 2 days after a letter was sent or received (I am not too sure here) by the Prime Ministers Office. Back in 2005 Helen Clark, was the Prime Minister and Rob Pope was the National Crime Manager, for Police.

This statement by Rob Pope is absolutely outrageous. It is clear by the recent Mystery Ketch videos on You Tube, that there was in fact, a Ketch that matched the description. Although I haven't seen the report. It is said to identify the ketch, its name, who was related to it, why it was there, and where it was following this point. And yes you read correctly in the previous paragraph that Rob Pope, and the team knew very well about all of this information prior to the trial.

So a major question mark hangs over the entire trial. The statement by Rob Pope back in February 2005 would indicate that the report by the MRG is accurate, the police knew about it, and yet still followed to stitch up Scott Watson.

Scott Watson should be freed immediately and Rob Pope, and the prosecution team need to be brought in and answer the questions of why they deliberately misled the court? Why he attempted to pervert the course of justice? It brings a massive cloud over Rob Pope's work as a police officer and questions his integrity as an officer. All cases where he was lead officer, needs to be looked over again to have any credibility.

This is a massive failure and no matter what way you want to paint it there is absolutely no excuse. Scott Watson needs to be freed immediately and a new investigation opened. It is absolutely insane to continue to hold him behind bars when Police knew Ben and Olivia were dropped off to a Ketch, and they knew what this ketch was prior to the trial, yet let the court and jury believe there was no Ketch and instead it was a Sloop, Knowingly I might add that it was a ketch.

This case stinks to high heaven and is a major travesty in New Zealand. One of the most appalling cases I have looked into.

I feel for the Hope and Smart families. I know what its like to have a family member disappear on the sea. But because police failed to investigate and prosecute the correct people/person they haven't got the justice they rightfully deserve. And I also feel strongly for the Watson family which has obviously been taken through the ringer with absolutely no need.

Published by D Blair, Hamilton. Video can be found HERE 

One thought on “Rob Pope, Fails Hope, Smart and Watson Families.

  • January 31, 2017 at 7:21 pm

    To say all the evidence was heard is an out right LIE, Susan Woods you have that so wrong. Rob Pope led this investigation the way he wanted it to go, convict an innocent man because his GUT told him Scott Watson was the man. Justice yeah right!!!!!


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