My Media turns 1

My Media has been around for just over 1 year, and has seen some great achievements for a small website dedicated to bringing the news as told by you to the world.

There are still great things to come from My Media, and the potential for its use is high, Articles published by the general public can be about anything, including the local club sports games, personal experiences , interests or whatever.

Our top article has been viewed more than 57,000 times, 1455 Articles, bringing in genuine traffic, and articles which people are reading.

We have had original articles on, Economics, Politics, Crime, Sports, Weather, Natural Disasters, and more.

Some of our articles have been shared by very reputable organizations who have taken an interest in the articles written by people just like you who have submitted articles.

You too can write articles and submit these to us for print online, all articles published are subject to the Creative Commons 4, and can be shared by others or re used. You may have an article or a message you want to share, we can provide you the base to share it.

2018 should become a good year for My Media, more information on this should be forthcoming shortly.

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