Christchurch City Council, left red-faced by Mike Swann

Christchurch City Councillors voted for supporting the Heathcote River Bridge project lead by Cassels, managed by Swann.

Mike Swann (Aka Mr Money Bags)

Alasdair Cassels

Despite being warned about the implications and the potential outcomes over the control of the funding, Councillors voted to contribute $20,000 towards the Heathcote River Bridge and Wharf plan initiated by Businessman Alasdair Cassels, and managed by "Mr Money bags" Mike Swann, In June 2016.

Mike Swann was convicted in 2009 for his part in the $16 Million he ripped off from the Otago Healthboard, He is still subject to a $6 Million pecuniary order.

Alasdair Cassels, most well known for his turning of the Woolston Tannery into a Victorian styled arcade, and his Brewery "Cassels & Sons", Now some light is being shone on his true character.

Councillors should now be taking a look at themselves and asking the question as to why did they support such an arrangement. As seen in the NZ Herald article dated 21 March 2018, both Cassels and Swann had been asked about their roles in the Disappearance of William Kerry Blair, from Cassels holiday house in Erie Bay, Tory Channel, Marlborough Sounds.

Cassels appears to be linked somewhat to a wide range of suspicious activity, including disappearances, deaths, and more, what is more interesting is that the council appears to support this kind of behaviour along with Swann's history with public money it is surprising that any money from the Council had gone to support this cause.

Councillors present and voted unanimously in support of this cause are as follows:

Mayor Lianne Dalziel
Deputy Mayor Vicki Buck
Councillor Jimmy Chen
Councillor Phil Clearwater
Councillor Pauline Cotter
Councillor David East
Councillor Jamie Gough
Councillor Yani Johanson
Councillor Ali Jones
Councillor Paul Lonsdale
Councillor Glenn Livingstone
Councillor Raf Manji
Councillor Tim Scandrett
Councillor Andrew Turner

Now of course the ratepayers of Christchurch have every right to ask the question why was ratepayers money used to support the activities of "Mr Money Bags" Mike Swann, and have the ratepayers seen any benefit from this cause? 

Ultimately the only ones who really benefit from this is Cassels himself, and of Course the project Manager Mike Swann (Aka Mr Money Bags)

What has been achieved by this funding from almost 2 years ago? What is the purpose of the bridge, and the funding?

Why is public money being able to be managed by Mike Swann, has no one learnt from the Otago District Health board mistakes? The Otago Health Board were warned, yet continued to hand money over to Swann, now it appears to be happening in Christchurch with the support of Businessman Alasdair Cassels, and the Christchurch City Council too.


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